Application to Martin Wong Gallery

Fall 2021 MWG Application

The Martin Wong Gallery is here to promote student work and build our art community at SF State, especially during COVID and remote learning.  We are serious about celebrating each other’s art!

To be considered for a Fall 2021 virtual Martin Wong Gallery exhibition, you will need to email your application to and BY 11:59PM on Sunday September 15, 2021. These will be one-week long exhibitions. You can propose a solo show, or organize a group exhibition.

We have four options for the Fall Semester. All of them involve Instagram. For each option, you will need to include at least five images . We will post at least one image per day from Monday-Friday.

  • Straightforward Instagram Exhibition using the square image platform, @sfsumwg

  • In-person exhibition installed in the Martin Wong Gallery, FA186. Photo documentation will be used to promote the show on Instagram, @sfsumwg

  • - You can create a free account. Please use Room #20 for consistency. It takes a little bit of playing around to figure it out but is very user friendly. For this platform, after you “install” your work, you will need to take screenshots of the online gallery that you want to be highlighted on the instagram account.

  • You can make very small artworks for our Mini Martin Wong Gallery. The ratio should be 1:8 (divide the actual dimensions of your work by 8 and make a mini version of your work). You will need to mail your artworks to campus at least one week before your exhibition for this option. Wewill install and photograph your work within the space. Your work will then be returned to you by mail.

There are easy ways to take great photos and edit them all from home with a cell phone. Natasha Loewy, the graduate assistant for the Martin Wong Gallery, will record a Zoom tutorial that you can watch anytime throughout the semester.

Please send an email with a PDF attachment that includes the following information:

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Exhibition summary (200 words or less)
  • Work Samples (up to 4 images, at least 2 images)

For group shows please only submit one application with everyone’s information included. Feel free to leave us any additional comments about why you’re interested in working with the Martin Wong Gallery.

Sample Exhibition Summary

Title: Under Construction

Name of artist: Christian Balanzar

Exhibition Statement: Under construction is a series that explores the concept of change. By photographing houses under construction that are unique in architectural style and staples to the identity of San Francisco’s landscape, I wanted to address the current ongoing changes here in the city in order to document the constant and inevitable state of change. Change is an integral component of everyday life. It can be seen as a reflection of time, perspective, or new ideas which can foster growth and good outcomes. However, in order for change to happen what has once been or is current present must be considered and revisited, which can invariably come with difficulty or meet with resistance. Currently, San Francisco is experiencing a tech boom which has brought with it some challenges and difficulties. As high rises go up, so does the rent and the demand for affordable housing, subjecting neighborhoods to gentrification and pushing out long standing communities, resulting in a drastic change to San Francisco’s diverse landscape and identity. These photographs serve as a symbolic representation of that experience.

Here are three images from the SFSU 2020 MFA show to give you an example of the Kunstmatrix exhibition platform.

Example 1 of application

Example 2 of application process

Example 3 of application process