When Light Becomes Form: Processing Photography

Saturday, February 19, 2022 to Saturday, April 02, 2022

When Light Becomes Form: Processing Photography will be the Fine Arts Gallery's first in-person exhibition when the SF State campus fully re-opens. The presentation is tentatively scheduled for mid-February through early April 2022.

How do we consider what makes a photograph in this time of merging and diverging technologies? Every photograph, regardless of format or process, begins with and can be simplified to being a product of light, time, and materiality – the recording of the image. When Light Becomes Form: Processing Photography explores a variety of unconventionally innovative, and sometimes antiquated, photographic techniques, and celebrates the subjectivity of the definition of photography. By reframing the way photography is traditionally presented, the exhibition highlights the way these ten artists tangibly shape light using the conceptual tool of time. Featuring Lisa K. Blatt, Rachelle Bussières, Adam Chin, Binh Danh, Chris Duncan, Amy Elkins, Kija Lucas, Felix Quintana, Ron Moultrie Saunders, and Andrew Wilson.