'Mashrabiya: The Art of Looking Back' Provokes Viewers to Look Forward

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Golden Gate Xpress -- SF State Alum and featured artist Ala Ebtekar believes it’s more important than ever to have this exhibition, especially in a public space with easy access. He hopes viewers take the time to pause and reflect on the message of all the works in the gallery. “A lot of this work comes with a little bit of duration, in a sense that you have to sit with it, and experience it,” Ebtekar said. “We’re all trying to do a little to show another glimpse of another part of the world.” Kathryn Kim, who is taking a class at SF State focused on the art and architecture of Islam, said she’s learned the mashrabiya was used to protect women’s privacy. She feels the pieces in the exhibit add the artists’ perspectives to what she learned in class. “In some pieces, it’s almost as if you’re looking from the outside in, and in others it’s like you’re looking from the inside out,” Kim said.