'Progressive Proof' Printmaking Exhibit Is Art Made Entirely of Paper

Monday, June 16, 2014

GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- Looking at the art pieces at the “Progressive Proof” opening reception, you wouldn’t believe they were made out of paper. Curator and Assistant Professor Susan Belau put on the art exhibition at the Fine Arts Gallery to showcase nine women artists that will be at the 42nd SGC International Printmaking Conference on March 27. Michael Morales, 42, a grad student in Museum Studies, was the project manager in charge of setting up the exhibition. “(It) took a lot of work to get the gallery ready. Twenty-six students helped to get it ready,” Morales said. In addition to Art students and professors, other members of the campus came out to support the exhibition as well. Sidra Tufon, a junior Biology major, who found the exhibition while perusing the fine art department’s website, said, “(The exhibit is) interesting, especially the houses. The interactive woman sewing newspapers (adds to the liveliness).”